The company behind Predictive works.

Predictive Works.

Enter the era of AI Blueprints

Built on Apache Spark

“We make artificial intelligence actionable for all of us.”
“Deep understanding and fast insights are keys to competitive advantage, differentiation and
cyber risk mitigation.“
“Artificial intelligence has a huge impact, but we are at risk that only a few of us will benefit.“

It is time to rethink Artificial Intelligence

We are at risk to gain our insights through the lenses of few solution providers

We are at risk to get ruled by the limited innovative potential of few vendors

We are at risk to disconnect small to medium scale companies from data innovation

We are at risk to lose our business self-determination and slide into an economy of two speeds

Predictive Works was made to respond and mitigate these risks.

Actionable AI Blueprint technology is at the heart of our thinking

  • Reusable Pre-defined Data Workflows
  • Code-free and made for Business Needs
  • Self-serve composition & orchestration
  • Enable High-Level of Automation
  • Ready to make value of your data silos
  • Connect to broad range of innovation
  • Establish equal rights AI player

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