A Guided Tour to Declarative AI
5 Code-Free Steps to enable the Complete AI lifecycle
Today's data technologies are complex and confusing. Making the right decision can be difficult.
Preparing for the future is more important than solving a special use case.
1. Determine Your Distance
Companies transform at their own pace and have reached different data maturity levels.
Having a standardized & unified instrumentation at your fingertips is key to gain sustainable benefit from artificial intelligence.
We help you to measure your corporate distance from Cloud Data Fusion as your solid foundation for sustainable data processing.
2. Start with Cloud Data Fusion
We have high requirements for sustainable data processing and decided to put Cloud Data Fusion at the heart of our portfolio.
We help you to overcome your current distance and get familiar with your new data foundation at your pace.
You learn how to install and leverage Cloud Data Fusion to integrate your dislocated data silos and prepare for analytics without a single line of code.
3. Choose the Right Packages
We offer 200+ standardized plugins for Cloud Data Fusion to turn this Google offering into a full-spectrum AI application platform without any extra costs.
Our plugins are organized in 3 packages: Purpose-Built Connectors, Machine Intelligence and Machine Knowledge.
You learn how to use them to answer your predictive questions and aggregate the answers into a comprehensive picture to accelerate human decision making.
4. Establish the Process
You are familiar with our 200+ plugins and how to configure and orchestrate them into predictive workflows to generate predictive answers.
We help you to integrate this instrumentation into every business workflow as a structured and reusable process without writing a single line of code.
You learn how to use our Structured AI Solution Language to map problems onto business cases, organize in tasks and solve with reusable AI workflows.
5. Do It Yourself
You have reached the highest data maturity level and you leverage artificial intelligence to augment corporate decision making by your own.
We help you to develop plugins by your own or implement future plugins for you.
Corporate AI is under your control and annoying vendor lock-ins no longer bother you to proceed with your transformation at your pace.