Our Mission

Dr. Krusche & Partner is a boutique data@scale company, founded in 2005 by a team of passionate data & software experts. We are excited about complex data technologies. It is our mission to build added value by fusing and abstracting approved and often cross-industry technologies. This makes complex things more applicable and helps to democratize modern data processing.

Our Focus

Since 2005, we have carried out plenty of data projects with a wide range of different technologies. We love to help our customers to get their business problems solved. With every new project, and every new request to develop solutions from ground up, however, we have made the experience to reinvent the wheel so many times.

We decided to change priorities: Instead of solving customer problems by offering an outstanding range of different data technologies, we have shifted our focus on a single standardized & unified platform with a single concept: plug & play data processing.

Every business problem is either solved by configuring & orchestrating existing plugins, or, is mapped onto a request for new plugins. This is the most efficient way to go, provided such a unified platform exists.

200+ Plugins

We have evaluated many different data platforms, cloud-native and on-premise. The good news is that we do not need to build this platform by our own. It's already out there: Google's Cloud Data Fusion core technology.

It is open source and extensible, built with a "standardization & unification first" strategy in mind. When we came in touch with this technology and experienced its huge potential to democratize modern data processing, we decided to offer our full-spectrum data services on top of our 200+ standardized data connectors and machine intelligence plugins for Google Cloud Data Fusion.

Our Solutions